Day 87: In the weeds.

It was the end of the road. Also the end of the roll of film. We had climbed and trudged and plodded up the mountain, then oh-so-careful of the knees that are no longer eighteen, we picked our way down, taking pictures the whole way.

If that weren’t exhausting enough, we had to stop our progress to let two other hikers who’d been tailing us pass by. They’d been talking so loudly that we were forced to learn that the woman’s father had shingles behind his eye and it hurt “like a mofo,” and that her male companion didn’t know what herpes is.

Good times.

We were almost back to the car and I thought that I would have to finish the last few pictures on the roll a few days later. As long as I didn’t forget it was in there and try twice to open the camera back, this would be no problem.

Then we walked past this:

Day 86 - Reeds 2

And I knew I would finish the roll that day.

Day 86 - Reeds 1I found it quite interesting how different the pictures from this roll appeared when viewed in the largest size. I normally resize pictures before putting them in a post to make the size more manageable, and for the most part, nothing is really lost in the translation. With these shots, however, it seemed to make a significant difference; so much character was absent in the smaller versions. It’s almost reminiscent of the detail in the 6×6 medium-format pictures I take with the Lubitel. This is why I’ve kept asking everyone to click on the image and view it in a larger version.

This concludes the debut roll of film from the reinvigorated Pentax!


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