Day 85: On the mountain.

Though it is technically spring in the Northeastern U.S., winter has had a hard time letting go this year. Still, the first hint of spring on a sunny weekend day brings people outdoors even if there is still snow on the ground.

First, we came upon some fellow hikers, and an onlooker, in the old quarry.

Day 84 - Hikers and snowman

Then at the top of the mountain, we encountered Oscar the dog, who was quite tired but still ready to pose along with his people.

Day 84 - Hikers and dog

When they went on ahead, Buzz took out his new (to him) Ciro-flex camera in his first foray into medium-format photography.

Day 84 - Buzz on the mountain

In case you are wondering, in the above picture, you are looking north along the Hudson River. The ridge that blocks the view is ominously named Breakneck Ridge. On the left down by the water, you can see the train tracks that can take you from Manhattan to Albany disappearing into the mountain.

Once again, clicking to enlarge the picture will give you a different experience of the image from what you’ll have with the smaller version.

And that’s what the new lens can do with people in the shot.

Next up: trees.


One comment on “Day 85: On the mountain.

  1. Lenore Diane says:

    These pictures remind me of my nieces hike through the Appalachian Trail last year. She left in March 2012. Thankfully, the weather last year was not as crazy as the weather this year.

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