Day 82: In memory of Caturdays past.

Gomer Pyle was my cat for about six years before he shook off his earthly coils three years ago this month.


As you can see below, my little guy was missing his front left leg, compliments of a nasty tumor in his shoulder that required its amputation. It didn’t slow him down one little bit.


He was always ready for Caturday.

Rock on, Gomer Pyle. Wherever you are.

6 comments on “Day 82: In memory of Caturdays past.

  1. Oh, he was a sweetheart. I still miss my cats dearly. One of them looked just like him.

    • limr says:

      He really was a total sweetheart. All you had to do was look at him and say “Gomer!” and he’d start purring and kneading his paws. Well, paw. When he was really happy (which was about 3/4 of each day) he would drool.

      They sure do worm their furry little selves into our hearts, no? 🙂

  2. Lenore Diane says:

    Our next door neighbor (when I was much younger) had a three-legged cat. He lost his leg when the owner started the car while the cat was under the hood. Sounds tragic, but Three-legged lived a very long life. And, he was the KING cat of the ‘hood.
    Gomer Pyle was a beauty.

    • limr says:

      Thank you, he was quite gorgeous 🙂
      Aw, it’s terrible when something like that happens, but it’s also just as inspiring to see how quickly they bounce back and just deal with the loss. Gomer loved to chase his tail and with the tumor, he couldn’t even walk very far without resting and lifting his paw off the ground. On the first day home after surgery and a few days at the clinic to recover, he was already trying to jump. Poor thing face-planted a few times before he finally remembered that the leg was gone 😦 But within days, he was chasing his tail again and it just made me so happy. I think after a while, I noticed the lack of that leg more than he did!

  3. huntingforvintage says:

    And he even wore a sombero for you!

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