Day 81: The Olympus debut.

You may remember that I got a new toy last week. I of course immediately loaded it with film (Kodak 400 color) and shot it as quickly as I could. Yesterday I was finally able to scan it in and go through what I got.

It was definitely a test roll. And I definitely have to practice with it more.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done this, for example.

Why, what a lovely thumb that is.

Why, what a lovely thumb that is.

The outdoor pictures I took outside seem to be consistently overexposed, like the one above, which generally washed out the colors.

She did a little better indoors. Remember the cheesy diner?

Day 80 - Diner

The colors are better than in the outdoor shots, and I was pleased that I could get the blur on the ceiling fan while still getting good crispness in the rest of the shot.

Inside the building where I teach was very bright, but the light was more diffused and once again, the exposure was better.

Day 80 - Gateway

She also performed reasonably well in lower-light indoor situations. Here she is in the library.

Don't they look studious? Don't let them fool you. I think they were all on Facebook.

Don’t they look studious? Don’t let them fool you. I think they were all on Facebook.

And in very low light, the colors got quite interesting.

Day 80 - Cookery

And that’s the best (and the worst) of my first roll with the Olympus. The second roll is about half done. I’m doing some experimenting with more low light situations and trying to remember to underexpose the outdoor shots so that they won’t come out overexposed.

As long as I can keep my finger out of the way of future shots, I think there’s hope for my little Olympus.

So what do we think?


2 comments on “Day 81: The Olympus debut.

  1. John Pickles says:

    I had one of these little gems a while ago and although I loved the features and compact size I was always frustrated with the in built meter. It seemed to vary (quite wildly) from other meters/cameras. The lens is great though and if you shoot ‘sunny 16’ or use an external meter it’s a great little camera. Good luck with it in the future. John.

    • limr says:

      Thanks for the tip about the meter. I’ve got a second roll in it right now so I’ll see if I can do better with my own settings. I did actually ignore the meter when I shot indoors and it did very well. The meter in my Pentax K1000 has been really solid, and that’s what I’ve been most used to, but since acquiring older film cameras with no meter, I’ve been practicing that sunny 16 rule and am getting much more consistent. I do like that I can see the settings in the viewfinder so it’s much easier to keep track of and remember what settings work. Hopefully I’ll have some better pictures to share from it.

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