Day 80: Oops. Forgot the title. It’s about geese.

Even when there isn’t a goose in sight, we all know they are there.

Day 79 - Geese tracks

Some people on campus think they are a nuisance.

Day 79 - Geese 1

They think the geese are rude.

Day 79 - Geese butts

Or they imagine one giving them the stink eye and fear an attack.

Day 79 - Goose stinkeye

Others just ignore them.

Day 79 - Ignoring the geese

I don’t really share these opinions. I think they’re kind of silly creatures, and I like having them around.

Day 79 - Sheepish goose

I’ve always felt they have a sort of “live and let live” attitude, which is quite generous of them considering they were on this land first, before the human interlopers came and built a college in the middle of their living room.

Day 79 - Solitary goose

I can appreciate that.


2 comments on “Day 80: Oops. Forgot the title. It’s about geese.

  1. Lenore Diane says:

    I never tire of seeing them, and I enjoy their visits. Alas, I do wish they would scoop their poop. (smile)

    • limr says:

      Yeah, I admit that there is quite a lot of it on the ground, but it’s still never been an issue for me. I think it’s because I tend to look at the ground when I walk anyway 😉

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