Day 79: A return visit to the river.

As it turned out, it did snow enough to leave a mark. Most of it was overnight, though the late morning saw the falling of some of the biggest, fluffiest snowflakes I’ve seen in a long time. As the afternoon wore on, the snow stopped, the sky got brighter, and then finally the sun broke through.

Just after dinner, it looked like there actually might be a decent sunset, so Buzz and I decided to chase it. We tried to make it to the river before the sun dipped below the hills, but we didn’t quite make it. It was okay, though, because the sunset was pretty but not anything to write home about, so we didn’t have to kick ourselves for missing it.

Still, we found ourselves in a familiar spot but with different light, so we decided to take some shots anyway.

Day 78 - Swimmer statue and river

It was just us and a woman walking her dogs.

Day 78 - Swimmer statue and dogwalker

And of course there was a train.

Day 78 - Train

I’m sure we’ll catch the sunset next time.


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