Day 77: Remnants.

Last week’s snow came and went fairly quickly. The weather was seasonably warm for a few days, but then got properly cold again, so there are still a few reminders left that winter might not be done with us yet.

Day 76 - Ice in green bush

As if that weren’t enough, I now hear there might be yet another last hurrah in the next day or so. You know the saying about March? “In like a lion, out like a lamb.”  I can think of precious few things in the world that are as dead-on as that in describing this time of year and its changeable weather.

Day 76 - 20130317-ukko-tuesday

I am on Spring Break this week, so if I am to be perfectly honest (and for the most part, I always try to be so) I don’t care a hoot about this storm. It will certainly not affect my work schedule, seeing as though I don’t have one this week, and I know how these mid-March storms usually go. It will be all sound and fury and mostly rain, but it might also surprise us and dump a surprising amount of snow which will soon be completely melted, with barely a trace of its passing.

It’s Indian Summer in reverse. Neither summer nor winter tends to leave quietly around here.

It might still be strong enough to knock out power, which would be a bother, but if I’m lucky, I’ll not be affected much at all and can enjoy it from the warmth of inside my home.

I’ll try to get a good picture of my hot chocolate.

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