Day 74: A diner.

A diner is a phenomenon that is mainly seen in the Northeastern United States. They’re peculiar, iconic little restaurants that seem to be some of the few constants in this rapidly-changing world. There are some things that you can rely on: the coffee will be not the best you’ve had, but still drinkable. Breakfast will be available all day and night. It might be crowded at 2 a.m. The mini-jukebox are still at each booth, even though they may not work and they’re rarely used, and they will be filled with the most incongruous music selections you could think of: Johnny Mathis and the Beatles right next to Celine Dion, Guns N’ Roses and Willie Nelson.

There’s always chrome. A lot of chrome.

Day 73 - Chrome

And cheese. There’s definitely cheese.

Day 73 - Cheese


2 comments on “Day 74: A diner.

  1. Lenore Diane says:

    I’m tempted to say, “I’ve been there!” But, I won’t say that, because along with the chrome, the cheese, and the drinkable coffee, all diners look alike. Still, I may have been at that diner, and I may have been at that diner with you.

    • limr says:

      This was actually a different diner, but they are all remarkably alike. Locals learn to spot the differences, which is kind of a funny thing. Sometimes Buzz and I will go to breakfast (diners are PACKED on a Sunday morning, so we would usually go during the week, thanks to flexible adjunct schedules) and we’ll try to figure out which diner we want to go to, and the reasons we give for or against a particular one is really splitting hairs: “Well, the New City one has better matzoh ball soup, but I don’t like their cups and the booths are a little hard. But Mohegan gets louder and their coffee is a bit too burnt. The Cortlandt one uses fresh spinach in the omelettes, but the Carmel one doesn’t…” etc. There are so many of them that you can become a ‘local’ customer of just about any of them. There’s about 5 of them within a 20-minute drive from my house. Expand that to 40 minutes, and I suddenly have probably 15 choices.

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