Day 72: Dipping into my bag of tricks.

So here’s what:

Day 71 - Newark street corner

I woke up feeling suspiciously like a wrung-out dish towel. No, I haven’t come down with a cold or illness. It’s really nothing more than my typical sinus and/or migraine headache that is triggered whenever we have a blizzard on Friday and 50-degree temperatures with monsoon rain and winds by Tuesday morning. Barometer movement in the other direction doesn’t seem to bother me, but the fluctuations of our “in like a lion” March wreak havoc on me. Today’s headache wasn’t quite as sharp as they can be, but it has completely sapped my energy.

Day 71 - Joias de Portugal

Seeing that I can’t really sit in front of the glare of a computer screen for more than 10 minutes without wanting to vomit, but still wanting to stay true to my Project 365 promise, I have chosen the first unshared pictures from my archive that I thought were halfway decent, and I present them to you now. They were all taken with the Lubitel 166B medium-format twin-reflex lens camera. I shot them a year or so ago in the Ironbound neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey, which is home to one of the largest Portuguese communities on the eastern seaboard (we don’t like to stray too far from the ocean).

Day 71 - Gallos de Barcelos

Please enjoy the pictures, because lord knows I’m too dim-witted right now to write anything interesting.

Happy Wednesday!


2 comments on “Day 72: Dipping into my bag of tricks.

  1. margaret21 says:

    Oh, look after yourself. I know only too well how horrid migraines are: I hope you ‘grow out of them’, as I did, because few things are worse while you’re in the thick of an attack.

    Great shots too. As someone who doesn’t know much about Portugal, the last photo in particular shrieks ‘Portuguese!’ at me

    • limr says:

      I was in bed with the lights off at 10:20 p.m. that night, which is extraordinarily early for me (I’m an incurable night owl!). I slept all the way through to 8:30 and I didn’t have the headache anymore. It was a relatively minor one, thankfully. But even when the pain is relatively light, I feel just totally enervated.

      That last photo screams Portuguese because of all the roosters 🙂 Here’s a little history of our “Galo de Barcelos” (which is a town just about 10 km from where I lived in Portugal).

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