Day 71: “They tried to make me go to rehab…”

Hello. My name is Leonore. I’m a camera addict. I haven’t had a new camera in at lea–

Oh, who the hell am I kidding? I’m not even remotely clean. I’m so far off the wagon, I’m in…well, I’m in something really far from a wagon.

Day 70 - Olympus

I bought my Pentax 20 years ago as a combination birthday/college graduation present for myself. (Cue the seizure-inducing shock of realizing how long I’ve been out of college.) It was the start of my sickness journey. I acquired several more cameras as I went along, even giving in to the lure of digital after holding out for a respectable amount of time.

Then Buzz and I started taking more pictures together. We enabled each other’s addiction shamelessly. He bought me the Zorki for my 40th birthday two years ago. Two days ago, he gave me part one of this year’s gift: the new lens for the Pentax, which was featured on my first Surrealism Sunday post.

Today, I got the Olympus. It’s a 35mm rangefinder, circa early-1960s. It’s some good stuff, man. Good stuff.

Day 70 - Olympus and flowers

I’m not even remotely ready to admit there’s a problem. Sure, I take pictures alone. Sometimes I feel like I really need to take a picture. And so what if I can’t stop after just one shot? It’s not like I’m out on the street begging for film money. I have it under control. I can stop whenever I want to. Really. No, really. I just don’t want to yet. But I totally could. Probably. Maybe.

Well, I have to go now. There’s at least 21 more exposures in the new camera and I, uh, well I don’t want to, uh, just let the film go bad, y’know? What a waste that would be. Yeah, I’d better go take care of that now. Those daffodils are looking mighty photogenic right about now…

*Yes yes, the title was from Amy Winehouse.

7 comments on “Day 71: “They tried to make me go to rehab…”

  1. vintagekaren says:

    Big smile on this post! Reminded me of my charm bracelet collecting…I’ve got about 30 bracelets and my husband thinks I’m a bit crazy/addicted, but I do wear them. I have three on today!

    • limr says:

      I love the idea of charm bracelets but I usually have to take them off when I’m at the computer because they bug me when I type. My sisters and I spent a weekend together a few years ago, and we started a Pandora-type charm bracelet tradition. One sister brought a big bag of glass beads and we spent probably about an hour at a table in Starbucks dividing the beads and laughing like loons the whole time. We’ll now give each other beads or charms on occasion, and even if I don’t wear the bracelet often, it always reminds me of that day.

      I love the way layered bracelets look, too. It just usually looks better on other people 😉

  2. Lenore Diane says:

    You need to give up buying cameras for Lent. (next year)
    The second picture, with the pop of yellow from the flowers,is gorgeous, Leonore.

    • limr says:

      Do I have to, really? Because technically I didn’t buy it. Buzz got it for my birthday. Does that count? Okay, yes it probably does.

  3. I feel ya, I do. I was pretty obsessed a few years ago with my first Canon camera. Then I bought a lens. then another lens. I even started up a photo blog right here on wordpress! Keep on snapping those pics, Darla. Enjoy.

    • limr says:

      I knew you’d understand me, Leonore. Do you still like to take pictures, or are you like me and the obsession sort of cycles every few years?

  4. […] may remember that I got a new toy last week. I of course immediately loaded it with film (Kodak 400 color) and shot it as quickly as […]

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