Day 70: I am not an animal!

Last week I was having lunch in the staff room when some co-workers came in. They were talking about the impending winter storm and how awful it would be. Soon they included me in the conversation, clearly assuming that I agreed with them. I mentioned something about being sad that winter is leaving and that I was in fact glad for the chance to see one last good snowfall before the season changed.

By the looks on their faces, you would think I had just announced myself to be a serial killer of puppies.

I understand that most people don’t enjoy winter. They talk endlessly about wishing for warmer days and sunshine. They don’t like being bundled up in sweaters and coats and scarves. They complain as soon as the temperature drops one degree. Days that include the slightest bit of rain or wind are deemed “horrible” and “disgusting.”

But I love it. I am energized by a cold, crisp day. I love my sweaters and cuddling under a blanket on my couch. I adore the fact that most of the bugs go away in winter. I think snow is stunningly gorgeous. I don’t mind grey cloudy days. Too many of them in a row might be depressing, but so can too many days of sunshine. For me, too many days of anything without a break wears my nerves a bit thin.

For the record, my preferences may put me in a minority, but they do not, in fact, make me a “freak.” And I have never harmed – nor plan to harm – a single puppy.

So some may see green amidst the melting snow and rejoice that signs of spring are making their appearances.

Day 69 - Green and snow

I see the vanishing snow and I say a silent, already-nostalgic goodbye to winter.

(Incidentally, I am also saying goodbye to another year in the life of a dinosaur, for today is my birthday and it marks the beginning of a new year’s journey.)


9 comments on “Day 70: I am not an animal!

  1. margaret21 says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Now please, though you are a winter person, surely you too must love the signs of life renewing itself as those early shoots push through the earth, those crumpled tree leaves unfurl and stretch themselves and the blossom dares at last to show itself?

    But I think I’m a bit odd myself. As the first daffodils begin to show themselves – before they even come into flower – I go into a sort of mourning that they’ll so soon be over. Very peculiar.

    • limr says:

      I don’t dislike seeing the new shoots, but it’s hard to appreciate them until at least the snow has finished melting. When they are still surrounded by the white, it is – for me – too much of a reminder that winter is going away. Spring itself is gorgeous: crocuses are the first flowers out around here, then daffodils, which are my absolute favorite flower. A little bit later come the lilacs, which have my favorite smell. Just delicious.They bloom all too briefly as well, unfortunately.

      The thing about spring that is always a little depressing for me is that it’s usually so short and it also means that summer is on its way. I don’t like summer. Like, I really really dislike it. So I think I end up not appreciating spring as much because I’m too preoccupied with dreading summer. It kind of works in reverse for Buzz, who hates winter and loves summer. He thinks the fall is beautiful and great, but he’s too busy dreading winter to truly appreciate it.

      • margaret21 says:

        So you’re just like me with the daffodils then! We should just live for the moment really. And as I’ve got older, I’ve learnt to love all the seasons for different reasons. Maybe you will too?

      • limr says:

        I suppose it’s possible. My main issue with summer (other than the bugs) is the heat. I get hot far more easily than I get cold, so the hot, humid weather of NY makes me intensely uncomfortable. Any significant physical activity outdoors is hampered by my tendency to got overheated and nauseated at the drop of a hat. I end up spending as much time as possibly inside with the air conditioning.

        So maybe when I’m old enough that I get cold all the time, I might welcome higher temperatures to keep me warm. But if I’m anything like my father (and I think I am), I’ll be uncomfortable in the summer until the day I die.

        But on the bright side, guess what a friend got for me today? A big bunch of daffodils! Oh, they are just marvelous, aren’t they? 🙂

  2. vintagekaren says:

    Best wishes on your birthday. May it be filled with magical moments and really good cake!

  3. Lenore Diane says:

    Happy belated birthday, 10 days after I celebrate the end of one year and the start of another year for me. 10 days apart. Who knew? (smile)
    Your picture reminds me of a snow we had one or two years ago. I found daffodils breaking out of the fallen snow – a nice hint of pending spring.

    • limr says:

      Happy belated to you, too! Only 10 days apart? You mean we’re both Pisces? This is getting spooky…

      Our snow was all melted in just a couple of days, so I don’t think there’s a chance for finding a crocus surrounded by snow this year. Oh well, there’s always next year 😉

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