Day 66: Blizzard desperation.

It seems that the general rule about blizzards is coming true so far: the more prepared one is for the storm, the less likely it is to develop into anything more than a cloudy day. When I was getting ready for work on Wednesday morning, the forecast called for snow starting around 7-8 p.m. Over the course of the day, the start time got pushed further and further back. It was certainly windy, and it did rain for most of the morning. Then it stopped raining. The sun came out a few times.

When I left at 8:30 p.m., the rain had completely dried from the roads and there was still no blizzard in sight.

The newest information suggests that it is now snowing where my campus is located, but when I look out of my window, I don’t see a single drop of precipitation coming from that sky.

That cruel, dry, unfeeling, blizzardless sky.

Doesn’t it know how badly a teacher wants a snow day?

Look, this post is appearing on Thursday morning, but we all know that I’m really writing it on Wednesday night. It’s a bit difficult to type that. Not because I’m ashamed, but because it’s physically more difficult to type when I’ve got all ten fingers crossed in the hopes that it will speed up the arrival of the class-cancelling, freedom-giving snow.


I’ve done what I could. I graded my papers and got my books ready for class. My car has gas. I have clean work clothes laid out. My hair is washed. I’m all ready for class to run, which usually means that it won’t. Right? Right???

I have plenty of food to bring for lunch tomorrow. Please say that I won’t need it. Please let it be that I’ll be able to enjoy my tuna fish sandwich at home.

Day 65 - Tuna

Look, I even have breakfast and an alternative lunch option ready.

Day 65 - Tuna, oatmeal, pb

For the love of all that is holy and good, please start snowing!

All I need is a delay! I don’t even need for the school to close the whole day. Just start classes late enough that mine gets cancelled.

Sky? Clouds? Hello? Do me a solid, would ya? Just start dropping some of the white stuff, eh? C’mon. For me? I was always a friend of the clouds. Don’t you remember Charlie, my childhood imaginary friend who was a cloud? And had a family of clouds? Do it for Charlie. He’d want to give his old pal a break.


Yes. Yes, I know. I’m too prepared.


I’ll answer comments after class.


4 comments on “Day 66: Blizzard desperation.

  1. vintagekaren says:

    Having grown up in Western NY, I remember ACHING for a snow day. And when one finally happened, the bliss of this rare day was spent in equal measures of watching TV, talking to my girlfriends on the phone (the one dragged into my bedroom with the long cord) and eating. Ahhh….good memories. So sorry yours did not work out!!!

    • limr says:

      My snow days were very similar to yours, except they were always interrupted by the forced labor of helping to shovel the driveway. There were seven of us, at least, so it didn’t take us too long. And then we got to make forts and igloos in the big piles of snow! Sometimes I remember doing flips into huge snow piles and I marvel at the fact that none of us ever landed in the emergency room! 🙂 But after the shoveling and the playing in the snow and the sledding on the runs we made in the woods behind the house…then came the burning red hands as we warmed up wrapped around steaming mugs of hot chocolate.

      How can anyone not love a snow day??

      Thanks for sharing your memories!

  2. Lenore Diane says:

    Of course, I am behind with posts, so I already know you finally received the snow you wanted. Still, I love this picture and your child-like wishes. The same child lives inside of me when a chance of snow is in the forecast for our area. We missed getting snow this year. *sigh*

    • limr says:

      We definitely got a lot of snow this year, so I can’t complain too much. It makes up for the half-assed wimpy winter we had last year. So there’s a chance you might get a little snow next year!

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