Day 60: Year of the Dragon.

We have an Asian Students’ Club at school. We also just entered the Year of the Dragon.

Day 59 - Dragon

I went for a coffee last week and this is what I found instead.

Day 59 - Under the dragon

I wasn’t the only one watching.

Day 59 - Watching the dragon

They’re not the greatest pictures I’ve taken. They’re a bit underexposed and grainy. The second picture also seems to have taken on some digital noise from scanning, and I can get rid of it. However, I can’t complain too much given how little effort I put into them. I’d been carrying around the Konica with me for several days last week – Chinese New Year being one of them – and that’s what I had with me when this was happening. There was plenty of light but it was diffuse. Being subject to the camera’s fixed settings, I couldn’t open the aperture to let in more light.

But I didn’t start Project 365 to share only the pretty pictures. I stand by all of my photos, good, bad, or meh.

Having said that, I still think they’re kinda neat in their own imperfect way.


2 comments on “Day 60: Year of the Dragon.

  1. Lenore Diane says:

    It’s not about the quality of the picture; it is about the quality of the moment captured. Well done.

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