Day 52: Let us sing and be glad.

They’re louder than they used to be and have a lot more technology housed in their walls than when I was a child, rooting through the card catalogue, but I still feel that libraries are sacred places.

Day 52 - sun over library And judging from what I saw over my school library tonight, the heavens agree with me.

Day 52 - sun over library closer



2 comments on “Day 52: Let us sing and be glad.

  1. Annie says:

    Ha! The sun!! Beautiful image. Prepping for another round of snow here today.

    • limr says:

      It seems your part of the country and mine have been taking turns getting pounded by storms this winter. Hope you all are doing okay! We were largely unaffected by “Q” (dumbest storm name ever, and why are they naming regular winter storms now anyway??) but it’s still cloudy, grey, and there’s apparently more of that to come this week. I’m okay with not seeing the sun for a while, but then again, I’m a little weird 😉

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