Day 51: Alternate view.

Yesterday’s picture was of the building where I teach my classes. I was reminded that I had taken some other pictures of it previously with the Zorki. Here’s one that I’d posted on my Moonlighting site a year or so ago:

Day 50 - Gateway 2 cropped resized

And this shot was taken from the café inside the building. It served as my computer desktop background for a little while…

Day 50 - Gateway cropped resized

…before it changed to this (taken with the Pentax):

Day 51 - Coffee shop jars

The last picture, incidentally, was taken on the same day and in the same coffee shop as was the picture on my banner at the top of the page. The camera is Buzz’s Fed, which like the Zorki, is a Soviet-era rangefinder. You can find his Fed posts here.

(Ahem, ahem. You’ll forgive the blandness of my comments please, as my brain is slowly shutting itself down after finishing this semester’s first batch of essay grading. I’m sure I’ll be back to full wit in no time at all. Ahem.)

One comment on “Day 51: Alternate view.

  1. Lenore Diane says:

    Excellent. I enjoy seeing the different perspectives.

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