Day 49: Waiting for film.

I’ve got film in three cameras at the moment. I am almost finished with a roll of Kodak vivid color in the Pentax, my good old reliable work horse.


There’s also a little less than half a roll of Tri-X in the Zorki. She likes black and white better it seems. And we like to keep her happy.


And in the hopes of doing some street photography, I loaded a new roll of Fuji into the simple, no-fuss Konica point-and-shoot. When he’s good, he’s really funky and interesting. When he’s bad, he’s boring and overexposed.


That’s a lot of film to get through. Then I have to wait for processing. When I get the negatives back, I’ll scan them into the computer and decide what hit and what missed. That’s when it starts feeling a little bit like Christmas, trying to figure out which presents are the exciting new books or jewelry, and which contain the boring, practical gifts like the 6-pack of tube socks or a new iron.

Until then, we’ll make do with digital.


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