Day 48: With all good intentions.

Today, Buzz and I drove north to the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts to have lunch with an old friend and her husband and son. I left the house with three cameras: the Canon digital, the Zorki loaded with Tri-X film (black and white), and the Konica C35 unloaded. I brought two additional rolls of film – a roll of Fuji 400 color and another roll of the Tri-X. The light wasn’t very good when we set out, so I wasn’t sure what film I wanted in the Konica or what kinds of pictures I wanted to focus on if the light stayed bad. There were some promising moments on the drive up when the day seemed to be brightening, but by the time we parked, it was dull grey skies again and time for lunch.

Inside the restaurant, it was dark and crowded, and I might have snuck a few interesting candids with the more flexible digital, but it would require some concentration. Now, call me crazy, old-fashioned – a dinosaur, if you will – but when I’m meeting with a friend whom I’ve known most of my life but haven’t seen in over a year, I want to have my attention on the company and conversation. It just seems like a good idea.

The light situation wasn’t improved after lunch, and we were also on a mission initiated by her 3-year-old son to find ice cream. This involved going to another town. When we got there, we talked as their boy played and ate his ice cream. There were some chances for photos because the indoor light was more interesting, but unfortunately, those of you who have young children will probably already know that trying to get a good picture of a 3-year-old hyped up on pizza, cake and ice cream is damn near impossible. I didn’t even try.

Zelda very much wants to know what I’m going to do about my daily picture post. Mrs.Parker is less interested.

Day 48 - BW girls


2 comments on “Day 48: With all good intentions.

  1. Lenore Diane says:

    Ah yes – good intentions. I know thee all to well.
    Hello Zelda and Mrs. Parker!

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