Day 47: Was that always there?

I left class today in the late afternoon as the sun was on its way towards the horizon and sending out bright angled light. As I drove across campus towards the exit, the sun rays shooting out from behind a small patch of clouds caught my eye and I thought I would see if I could get any good shots of it. It was at that moment that I noticed the object to the right of the sun: the water tower.

Doy 47 - Water tower wide shot

I have been working on this campus for 9 consecutive and 10 total years. I have driven past this water tower countless times, yet I had never noticed it before. I chuckled a little at this thought, thinking of my first year in Istanbul and how I used to depend on a huge model of a red Nescafé mug sitting on a water tower across the street from my school/lodging as a way to find my way home.

You’d think I would be a bit more attuned to seeing water towers since that experience. Apparently I’m not, but when I do notice them, I find that they’re oddly fascinating.

Day 47 - Water tower medium bw

Of course there was the obligatory graffiti  which  is another thing I love to look at and ponder. What makes a person climb up a ladder so high just to spray paint some words on the side of the tower? Words that are barely perceptible or legible, except perhaps others who are privy to graffiti jargon and technique? And how likely is it that these fellow graffiti artists will see the work on a water tower on a community college? How long had it been there? Has anyone risked jail time, injury or even death only to realize after climbing down that the words were too small to see? Or that the equivalent of a glaring typo had been made?

And what does Jove mean? Is it Jove as in “By Jove”? How did an aging tweed-clad Englishman manage to get up that tower? Especially with a pipe! Or does it mean something else? Maybe it’s slang for some kind of drug? The Urban Dictionary says “jove” is a Klingon word. Was it a Trekkie who painted it?

Will I ever get to know?

Day 47 - Water tower close shot


6 comments on “Day 47: Was that always there?

  1. margaret21 says:

    It looks as though in America, as in England, graffiti are just scrawls. Potentially interesting, like the one you’ve pointed out, but scrawls all the same. Over on mainland Europe, particularly in Germany, they seem to have been elevated to an artform, with a palette of darkly vibrant colours. Having said that.out of curiosity, I’ve just googled ‘graffiti art’, and there are endless examples of lively, edgy pieces from both the UK and US. Ah well, scrub that comment then.

    • limr says:

      I think graffiti is quite interesting, actually, and there does seem to be a common thread that runs through the artwork even across different cultures. And then some is just…amateur, I guess. I think the artists on my campus are wannabes at best 😉

  2. Lenore Diane says:

    Leonore, during my Project 366 I found I became much more in tune with my surroundings. I felt as though I was noticing every little detail of the world that surrounded me. Always looking for the perfect picture, my mind seemed to run in ‘observant’ overdrive. While I am surprised you had not noticed the water tower until yesterday, I am not at all surprised you noticed it during your photo project. You just wait – you are going to notice so much more and then more after that!
    Lovely shots, too.

    • limr says:

      I definitely agree. I’ve gone in and out of “photo periods” in my life and during “on” periods, it feels like everything I see is through a lens. I’m constantly thinking about what can make a good picture. I guess that can be a little tiring, and that’s when I transition into an “off” mode. Of course, “off photo” usually means “on something-else.” Maybe that’s also why I haven’t been writing so much on Linguist. My photo brain is on and I’ve stopped seeing language essays everywhere I turn! I still see them, but I let them go more often than not because more than one obsession at a time is a bit much for me 😉

  3. Annie says:

    Beautiful pictures! At first I thought it was Joue – which is french for something I think. Then I thought it looked like Jaue and when I googled that it came up as someone’s name. I’m thinking it must mean “crazy person that climbs water towers to spray graffiti. LOL

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