Day 46: On ethereal winter mornings.

It snowed again last night. Not much, and certainly not enough to cause any problems. Only an additional 1-2 inches fell on top of our deep layer of week-old blizzard snow.

But what a difference that thin blanket made.

It was a wet but fluffy snow that stuck to every branch, every stick, every leaf. It arranged itself with such perfection, as if the snowflakes all got together and decided to create a fantasy – an impossible, breathtaking winter wonderland. As if that weren’t enough, the morning sun was shining so bright that it made everything actually twinkle.

This sounds like exaggeration, I know, but the description above – and the pictures below – barely do justice to what I was privileged to witness this morning. Snow scenes like this don’t happen very often, and they don’t last very long. As I drove to work, I already saw pieces of snow falling from branches, giving up the grip on the wood as it melted under the bright sun.

Day 46 - Snow trees

As I drove to work and headed towards the highway on one of the little country roads in my town, I caught my breath at the sight of a big red farmhouse in the midst of all the white snow. It was torture to pass it by without a picture. Then, I looked farther up the road and realized that I was coming up on a shiny new Coca-Cola truck wending its way up the hill through the ghostly landscape. The truck was bright red, clean and bright, and the whole scene was almost cartoonish in its perfection, like a moving Rockwell painting.

Finally, at the top of the hill and just before the entrance to the highway, I passed a red barn at the back of a large field where horses graze during warmer months. I drove on to the end of the road, but I just couldn’t ignore it anymore: this was the third stark red object thrown in my path and if I didn’t stop to take a picture, the universe was going to seriously mess me up. I turned around, stopped in front of the field, and took a picture. I only gave myself time for one because I knew if I started, I wouldn’t stop but I couldn’t be late for work. And then my employers would seriously mess me up.

Day 46 - Red barn

There was nothing else I could do. I spent the rest of my drive gasping at yet another scene even more gorgeous than the last,  but my camera stayed where it was on the passenger seat. But even if I didn’t get to capture more visual reminders of that perfect, ethereal snow, there’s no forgetting the joy it inspired in me. Delicate spring pastels, lush summer greens, vivid autumn leaves…these are all beautiful scenes, but nothing in any other season is so heartbreakingly beautiful to me than snow trees.


7 comments on “Day 46: On ethereal winter mornings.

  1. vintagekaren says:

    It’s a view I miss where I live in California! You’ve captured it beautifully.

  2. anthea says:

    These are stunning photographs! They’re beautiful.

  3. Lenore Diane says:

    Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

  4. […] did get a glimpse of it this past winter and it was good, but I was not satisfied. It was not “The Picture.” It just whetted […]

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