Day 42: Vantage point.

Buzz and I found a new spot for shooting at the sunset over the river.

Day 42 - sunsetI took these shots using his new DLSR. I was mostly using my Pentax, but had also brought my digital along. Unfortunately, the memory card was still sitting in my computer at home, making my Canon nothing but dead weight.

Day 42 - sunset 2We were told by other cold-braving photographers that this spot is also fairly spectacular for sunrises as well. The light would be better for taking pictures of the castle on a little island just to our right.

Day 42 - BannermanI’m not sure when I’ll manage to wake up early enough to try the suggestion, but I hope to find that it’s worth the effort.





One comment on “Day 42: Vantage point.

  1. […] few weeks ago, Buzz and I went to take pictures of the sunset over the river. We brought several cameras with us, including my Canon digital camera rendered useless by the […]

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