Day 39: Here we go again.

We’ve seen the Snowpocalype and Snowmageddon. We’ve had Frankenstorm and Snowzilla. Now it’s Winter Storm Nemo.

An unfathomably silly moniker, if you ask me.

I’m in a very fortunate situation for this storm. I don’t have to drive. While I have kvetched about mentioned the general lack of perks an adjunct professor enjoys, tomorrow I will be benefiting from one: a snow day. My school has not made an official announcement yet, but chances are I will not be driving in for my 1:00 paralegal class.

This means I’ll have more time for grading and writing my own homework. A case brief and journal grades due on Monday and a blizzard to trap me in my house,  forcing me to get it done? Yeah, it’s hard to ignore a signal like that.

Even in case of a power outage, it’s not so bad. We’ve got a wood-burning stove, a gas grill, plenty of stored water for consuming and for plumbing, a cache of non-perishable foods, and below-freezing temperatures to act as, well, freezers so food won’t spoil.

Most importantly, Buzz has a generator.

None of this is new to me. My years in warmer climes were aberrations, freak accidents, and comparatively speaking, add up to only a handful of years. The rest of my life has taught me how to deal with cold winters. And I love them, too. One cold February day in Pittsburgh, I even walked 2 miles to school in -22°F (-30°C) temperatures. By the time I got to the office, I had a thin layer of ice on me that had actually kept me quite warm. It was pure invigoration.

So yeah, I’m a seasoned Nor’easter. Nemo? We’ll find out tomorrow if he is too.

Which way will Nemo blow?

Which way will Nemo blow?


2 comments on “Day 39: Here we go again.

  1. Annie says:

    Ah, the snow looks beautiful! I’d love one more good snow day here. We had a long slow rain yesterday and it’s stayed above freezing so the roads were okay.

    • limr says:

      I’m sorry for the folks that really took the brunt of this storm, but as far as I’m concerned, we got a good deal. The snow is not heavy because we’re far enough north that we never got the rain and wet snow that NYC got. So it’s all powdery and gorgeous. And it’s more snow than we’ve got at one time in several years. I know it can be a pain in the butt in a lot of ways, but living here in the Northeast, I always feel a bit cheated if we don’t get at least one good snow each winter.

      I hope one comes your way this year to give you beautiful snow without any major problems! 🙂

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