Day 33: Upside down.

Back when I was commuting by train into Manhattan, the train station by the river shared space with a townie bar and there was unused open space between the tracks and the water.

They’ve since put some money into the area (which you saw in yesterday’s pictures.) The townie bar closed, but down the street there’s now a brewery, a bakery, and a wine store. The station itself is sporting some fancy new signs. The unused space now has walking paths, park benches, landscaped green spaces, and a lot of lighting.

And sculptures.

Day 33 - feet

Day 33 - Bushes and feet

Day 33 - head and birdsAnd I wasn’t the only one who thought it was a particularly photogenic statue.

Day 33 - self portrait


You can see Buzz’s photos from that walk here.

A housekeeping note from the Dinosaur: I’ve got a few more good shots from my digital that I’ll share tomorrow. I also had two film cameras with me and the film came back from the developer faster than I’d expected. The negatives have been scanned in and preliminary glances please me greatly. There will be two or three more from that walk, and after that, some pictures from a different walk in a different river town.

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