Day 32: River town.

We’ve been having peevish weather this last week of January. Temperatures reached nearly 60°F (15°C) and it was rainy, creating muggy conditions and a lot of fog as leftover snow melted more quickly than it is used to doing. I know how that feels. I feel quite foggy myself when I’m asked to wake up my molecules faster than I’d prefer.

Previously,we’d had a solid week of bright, cold sunshine. It was the kind of cold that made your eyes water and your ears light up in lovely reds and pinks. Many people complained bitterly, but I wouldn’t let the naysayers ruin my winter mood. I adored the cold, even if it did bite me and make me cry.

Winter days just don’t have the right crispness if accompanied by the inappropriate temperature. Spring in January? Unacceptable.

Luckily, the mercury is on its way back down. Perhaps now I’ll get more days like this by the river:

Day 32 - Stop

Smoke and shrink-wrapped boats. Pretty common around here during January.

Day 32 - Bell Smoke Boats

No river town is complete without the train tracks.

Day 32 - AmtrakOf course, even cold-loving anomalies like me still enjoy warming up with some foamy hot coffee.

Day 32 - Coffee


3 comments on “Day 32: River town.

  1. margaret21 says:

    Are those boats really shrink wrapped? Never seen such a thing! Or such a spelendidly decorated cup of coffee either. Or, in Europe, a train like that one. Only your first picture looks recognisable to European eyes. Great shots!

    • limr says:

      Thanks! Shrink wrap on boats really is a funny thing to see. It’s a relatively recent technique for protecting the dry-docked boats during the winter. I don’t think I saw it before maybe 10 years ago.
      That coffeehouse always does such pretty designs and I almost hated to drink it! But it’s coffee, so of course I loved drinking it 😉 A lot of non-Starbuck cafes will often put a leaf or something, but this one always goes above and beyond. Actually, my avatar was taken many years ago at that same coffeehouse (taken with a film camera.)
      Oh, I just remembered, I also took a picture OF the coffeehouse here:

  2. […] since put some money into the area (which you saw in yesterday’s pictures.) The townie bar closed, but down the street there’s now a brewery, a bakery, and a wine […]

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