Day 31: Inside.

The end of January always sneaks up on me. Perhaps it wouldn’t go so fast if my life did not revolve around semesters and class schedules. The month always starts a bit more slowly as I enjoy the slowed pace of winter break from the college. Then one day, it all changes and I have to re-acclimate to the constant presence of my teaching work. Even when I’m not physically in the classroom, my mind is usually there.

Sometimes in these early days of a new term, my mind still wanders back to the carefree days between submitting final grades for the Fall and the start of planning for the Spring. These pictures were taken on one such day. A meandering drive north, a stop at a small river town, pizza and beer for lunch, and cameras.

We had to periodically dart inside to warm up.

Day 31 - Junk storeThe sun was casting bright low-angle winter light that made things very interesting.

Day 31 - BottlesA few days later, we headed south. It was cold again, but we didn’t have the sun. When the rain became more aggressive, it was once again time to dart inside, this time for an afternoon beer at a museum.

Indoor light can be sneaky.

Day 31 - Museum cafe 2


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