Day 29: In repose.

Even standing still, Porsches look restless…

Day 29 - Two Porsches…just itching to run.

Day 29 - Porsche 67

This MG has such gorgeous details. Also, it kind of looks like it has fangs, an underbite, and bug eyes. Kind of like a bulldog. A beautiful chrome bulldog.

Day 29 - MG

All the photos of the past three days were taken with my Pentax 35mm K1000, with a 28-88mm/f 3.5 Takamura zoom lens, and Tri-X film.


2 comments on “Day 29: In repose.

  1. margaret21 says:

    Dear Dinosaur

    What is this with cars? I can see these are not modern cars, but they are indeed horseless carriages of a kind that did not exist when you walked the earth. I must indeed be more truly a dinosaur than you are, as I am unable to appreciate the finer points of these machines.

    Yours, Magnosaurus

    (Don’t mind me. I’m not a car buff. A car is a car is a car. But I’ll stick with you 😉 )

    • limr says:

      The noise did scare me at first, to be sure. And they didn’t seem to eat anything. They just drank a whole lot! 😉

      Forgive the car-heavy few days. I took a LOT of pictures at Lime Rock. I do love cars and I love to drive. My father was a mechanic and I’ve been around cars my whole life. My town also had a bit of a car culture that is fairly common in the States, though sadly a bit less so these days. Back in my day, we used to parade cars around the driveway at the high school at lunch time. I remember being in the back seat of my friend’s ’71? ’72? Chevy Chevelle as he drove around backwards. Our cars also did a lot fewer things for us – no back up cameras, dvd players, or heated seats! We knew more about our cars than they do now. Most people in the States these days don’t even know how to drive a manual transmission. Horrible!

      Don’t worry, I’m on to another theme starting tomorrow 🙂

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