Day 27: Be still my beating heart.

Last night, I scanned the last two rolls of film that I had developed a couple of weeks ago. I scanned the color film first, and shared a few pictures of Lime Rock here on Day 23. While I was pleased with the overall composition, the colors were a bit washed out for my liking. I did tweak the colors a bit in post-processing, but even then, they weren’t good representations of the true vibrancy of the scenery.

The rest of the film I shot, however, was black and white, and I finally got to see how they turned out.

Dear lord, what a difference! Perhaps it was better film. Or I planned the shots a little more carefully. Maybe vintage cars just look better in black and white. Whatever it is, there is a life in these black and whites that wasn’t there in color.

Day 27 - Jag front

It’s a painfully beautiful car, and washed out colors just don’t do it justice the way light and shadow does.

Day 27 - Jag back

I was so pleased at how they came out, so I just have to share them here for the next few days. The first batch was taken with the Pentax at Lime Rock in September. The second roll of film, which I’ll start sharing in a few days, comes from the Zorki, and it was shot in the same fog as were the digital shots from Day 13.


2 comments on “Day 27: Be still my beating heart.

  1. margaret21 says:

    This isn’t a comment as such. But I think you might enjoy this post from a blog I follow:

  2. Lenore Diane says:

    Love the reflection of the light on the chrome.

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