Day 26: Win some, lose some.

Once upon a time, Buzz and I went out for lunch and a little picture taking. I sat in the car and took out my Pentax to load it with film. Half a second after opening the back, I slammed it shut; I already had film in the camera.


I figured I would lose a couple of pictures, but the rest of the roll should be fine, so I went about taking a picture of anything that caught my eye. I got the film developed and some pictures did get blown out.

But then there was this happy little accident:

Day 26 - Diner

A few days ago, I scanned in my latest batch of pictures. Once again, this included a roll that was accidentally exposed not once, but twice! It wasn’t the Pentax but my Zorki rangefinder, which has a somewhat quirky counter, so picking it off the shelf after a few months of not using it, I couldn’t tell for sure if there was still film in it or not.

There was.


Day 26 - musician with leak

Again, I went about my picture-taking business, thinking that the worst that could happen would be a few ruined pictures and maybe even another happy accident. I finished the film and started to rewind. When I was sure it was all back in the canister, I opened the back.

It wasn’t all the way back in the canister.


Day 26 - BBQ with leak

It’s hard to say what was to blame for the quality of the rest of the film – the exposure to light, or my inexperience with judging the correct settings without a light meter needle helping me along. Many of the pictures that weren’t ruined with very non-cool/retro light leaks were either far too dark or too light.

But it wasn’t a total wash. I did manage to get at least one good picture out of that poor abused roll of film.

Maybe there’s hope for me.

Day 26 - Hudson cafe

4 comments on “Day 26: Win some, lose some.

  1. Lenore Diane says:

    How talented you are such that your “oops” are works of art. What fun to find happy accidents, eh?

  2. […] would have to finish the last few pictures on the roll a few days later. As long as I didn’t forget it was in there and try twice to open the camera back, this would be no […]

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