Day 19: Winter.

On Friday, we saw bright sunshine and temperatures of 24°F (-4°C). On days like this, most people I encounter would comment on how nice the sun was, but gosh, isn’t it cold? Then they would either scurry inside to find warmth or pull their sweaters tighter around themselves at the mere thought of the cold.

Me? I like how awake I feel in cold, crisp air. So I put on an extra layer under my coat and a hat on my head and went outside for a good long walk.

Here’s some of what I saw.

Stream slow shutter

Day 19 - Shadows in parking lot

Blade of grass in snow


8 comments on “Day 19: Winter.

  1. margaret21 says:

    Love the long shadows the trees cast. It reminds me how energising a good winter walk is. We haven’t had any snowy days like this yet this year

    • limr says:

      We’re getting fewer and fewer good snowy days around here. I remember there being colder, snowier winters when I was a child, but who knows if that’s just a trick of memory. Low angle light, crisp air, bright snow…yup, I like winter 🙂

  2. vintagekaren says:

    I no longer live where it snows and your photos brought tears to my eyes…seriously! Love the grass pushing through the snow.

    • limr says:

      Wow, that is such a compliment, thank you! I love that blade of grass too, and I’m so happy I managed to catch how sparkly the snow was, especially since my camera was about to run out of battery.

      I grew up with snowy winters, but then lived in several places that didn’t have a cold winter and I missed it terribly. I would need a damn good reason to ever again move away from an area that doesn’t get four solid, distinct seasons.

  3. Lenore Diane says:

    The water looks…wait for it…ice cold. Brrrr… Chilling photos, Leonore. Beautifully chilling.

    • limr says:

      It felt as cold as it looked! (I have a strange compulsion to always stick my hand into mountain streams.) My butt was quite numb by the end of that walk 😉

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