Day 10: Community of castaways.

I have a bad habit of ascribing human emotions to inanimate objects. My childhood imaginary friend was Charlie the Cloud. I have been known to apologize to my car if I ever expressed frustration at her.

This may be one reason why I love antique stores, though specifically I love the “junk shop” variety of antique stores. The items in higher-end boutiques  may be beautiful but are probably obnoxiously snooty.

But in the junk shops, I always have the sense that all the inhabitants know they are someone’s throwaways, but they take comfort in each other’s company and watch out after one another. Some tenants come and go, and some stay forever, but it doesn’t matter. They’ve made a new home for themselves.

Free coffee


Glass bottles

Cows and sign


2 comments on “Day 10: Community of castaways.

  1. Lenore Diane says:

    The glass is gorgeous!
    I cried when I realized I left my beloved stuffed animal at home for the summer. We were in North Carolina, and I realized I did not have Ellie with. I envisioned my stuffed animal sobbing on my bed, so sad he was left behind.

    • limr says:

      I really wanted to go home with some of that glass but I had to restrain myself.

      Aw, poor Ellie 😦 That is totally the kind of thing that would make me sad. In fact, I have a Holly Hobby doll that I got as a little girl, and she actually came Portugal with me. I was feeling a bit guilty that I didn’t bring her to Turkey with me, even though she had other dolls to keep her company.

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