Day 5: Introducing Zelda

Some of you may know my normal cast of characters from my blog As a Linguist, but someone who has only visited me here at Dinosaur might benefit from a little introduction.

Allow me to start with Zelda:

Finally! The little brat wouldn't sit still.

Finally! The little brat wouldn’t sit still.

Zelda is about 2 1/2 years old and has fur as soft as a rabbit’s. In the past when trying to come up with names for a pet, I’ve had to go through several attempts before I found the right name. This time, I had the idea of naming a pet after Zelda Fitzgerald and when I saw her, I knew she was Zelda, so she never had to go through all the tester names before I knew what hers was.

Similar to many cats, she can be quite affectionate, but only when she wants. She tolerates being held for a little while, and will even start purring when snuggling up to my shoulder, but then she gets squirmy. If I don’t let her down, she’ll instead climb up my shoulder, walk down my back, and then jump down. When I’m working or reading is when she’s most likely to jump onto my lap and settle in. The only time she’s ever used her teeth is when she’s so happy and purring so hard that she feels compelled give me a little love bite. She just opens her mouth wide enough to fit my finger and presses down ever so gently. Then she pulls away and keeps purring her foolish furry head off.

Some days, she'll sit for an hour or more. Other days she likes to play with the cursor on the screen.

Some days, she’ll sit for an hour or more. Other days she likes to play with the cursor on the screen.

She likes high places and leaching warmth from anything she can find, especially in cold New York winters. The top of the cable box is one favorite sleeping spot. At night, she’s almost always curled up smack dab in the middle of the bed, getting as much heat from me as she can manage. In the mornings, she takes a little while to wake up  (she takes after me!) Some days she sits up, stretches, looks at me groggily, and instead of jumping down and starting her day, she crawls closer to me so she can go back to sleep next to my head. She won’t move until I do. It’s torturous for someone who already has a hard enough time getting out of bed in the morning to do so when being cuddled by a soft, sleepy cat.

At least I can get clear pictures while she's sleeping.

At least I can get clear pictures while she’s sleeping.

She doesn’t meow very often, but she’s quite fond of trilling, which she does every time she jumps or greets me with a headbutt. She also gets a bit squeaky when I bring home a new shopping bag for her to hide in, or another cardboard box to first jump in and then bite. Not a single box leaves my home without a row of tiny little bite marks along each edge. Zelda also likes to drink from the faucet and play with twist-ties from electronics (the ones from bread bags don’t get her excited at all.)

And that’s Zelda. Tune in tomorrow to find out who’s next up!

6 comments on “Day 5: Introducing Zelda

  1. Lenore Diane says:

    Zelda is a lovely cat. In the second picture, her face reminds me of a Barn Owl – beautiful.

  2. margaret21 says:

    Oooh! I miss our cat! We had to rehome her, to some friends who live on a farm (she did really well out of that deal) where she’s learnt to be the boss of 4 very large dogs. To-ing and fro-ing from France just wasn’t going to work, but at least we see her from time to time. Not that she cares 😦 Zelda looks wonderful.

    • limr says:

      I’m sorry you had to rehome your kitty. I know that it must have been for the best and it sounds like she’s doing very well, but it’s got to be hard 😦 I don’t know what I’d do if I had to give up my girls. Actually, my first cat (Gomer Pyle) originally belonged to a friend who had adopted two large Boxers and she didn’t like how stressed they made the cat. She was pretty committed to the dogs so she decided to rehome him and that’s how he came to me. She missed him but said it was at least easier to part with him knowing that I loved that cat like crazy. Oh these furry little creatures that just worm their way right into our hearts!

      • margaret21 says:

        Yup. Before we got Marmite (That Cat), Malcolm swore that cats made him uncomfortable, he wanted nothing to do with her, etc. etc. etc. Guess who ended up loving her best?

      • limr says:

        What a cute name! The ones that grumble the most are usually the ones who fall the hardest 🙂

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