What is it about a sunset that makes us so introspective? They’re beautiful, of course, but a little sad as well – a reminder that things must come to an end. In literature, the sun going down can often symbolize a change, an ending; the impending darkness of nighttime can foreshadow bad times ahead. This isn’t set in stone, however. It can also tell us that the harshness of daylight is over, and it’s time to quietly reminisce about what has happened and then move forward into the transition into a new beginning.

2 comments on “Reflection

  1. A very reflective piece….. bad pun, I know.
    Trust you are having a good vacation.

    • limr says:

      Is there any such thing as a good pun? 😉 I love ’em anyway! I did have a great vacation and I returned with so many pictures to work with for the site.

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